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Chiropractor St Kilda Region

Dr. Jim Skivalidas

Chiropractor St Kilda Region, Dr. Jim Skivalidas, graduated from the prestigious 5 year double-degree Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology chiropractic program in 1998. Since this time Jim has gained expert experience working and volunteering his skills at a variety of chiropractic clinics throughout Australia.


Jim was fortunate enough to be exposed to Chiropractic at 20 years young, having visited his local Chiropractor. Seeing the joy that his Chiropractor brought to so many lives, this inspired Jim to study Chiropractic. Jim now enjoys seeing patients of all ages, and from all walks of life and encourages all people to consider chiropractic care.


Having played soccer and trained martial arts with adults and kids, Jim has developed an intimate understanding of health, fitness and nutrition and continues to share this knowledge with his patients, and with other athletes.


Jim worked briefly as shaitsu therapist before undertaking his chiropractic studies. In that time he has treated patients with a wide variety of complaints and with Tai Chi influence fell in love with the spine.  


Jim, Chiropractor St Kilda region, treats conditions ranging from every day complaints such as back pain, neck pain and headaches through to complicated structural and functional problems.


Our Chiropractor St Kilda. is committed to Chiropractic care that is Pro-Active rather than Re-Active. What this means is that his first aim is to find the cause of your problem and correct the problem. Jim and his team will then work hard at empowering his patients to take a Pro-Active and Preventative approach to their health.

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