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Chiropractor St Kilda Region - POSTURAL ISSUES

Discover Chiropractor St Kilda approach to POSTURAL ISSUES

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Chiropractor St Kilda explains


Generally, poor posture results from either major traumas and injuries that immediately and significantly change the way you 'hold yourself', or it can result from repetitive minor stresses on the body, for instance hairdressers, dentists, office workers maintaining fixed postures for long periods of time.


Poor posture can cause:


Poor circulation – being in a sitting posture for lengthy periods of time can slow down your body's circulation. Motion helps your blood to circulate. Poor posture can also compress organs, nerves and muscles and this too, can impact circulation.


Back ache – an incorrect posture such as slumping forward while you sit shifts your spine out of its usual comfortable posture. It can also call the incorrect muscles into action, or make muscles strain to keep the spine in the incorrect posture. Slumping regularly can bring on back pain.


Wear on joints and discs – regularly sitting in a posture that causes uneven pressure on your hips, leaning to the side or slumping can, in the long term, contribute to a degeneration of discs and joints.


Your Chiropractor St Kilda, uses a powerful but gentle method to teach your brain to let go of stored tension, realign the back, neck, hips and shoulders and to restore your bodies ideal stress-free, tension-free normal postural state.


People often notice their posture change after a very short period of time. As the body learns to let go of tension more permanently, you'll find your posture starts to maintain itself better, and for longer.


It takes just one visit to know how we can help.


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